OSM LAB S.L. is a company belonging to the OSM group dedicated to Clinical Biomechanics performing Body Damage Assessment Units, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), ergonomics and postural evaluation and muscular force response analysis.

OSMLAB deploys their own assessment units and also offers license agreements, for the assessment of body damage in sector of dependency care, rehabilitation and ergonomics.

Resulting from Research and Development activities of OSM companies, a unique and automatic Biomechanical Analysis system has been created for producing reports about Body Damage assessment.

Our objective


The main goal of Scientific-Technical Committee is to cooperate on projects, products and services, as well as in near future research activities, by joining the Scientific and Medical knowledge about the study of human movement through biomechanics and development, programming and integration of sensors.

Biomechanical Analysis

Biomechanics is a scientific discipline which aims to study the mechanical character structures that exist in living organisms (mainly the human body).


This area of knowledge leans in diverse biomedical sciences, using knowledge of mechanics, engineering , anatomy , physiology and other disciplines in order to study the behavior of the human body and solve the problems arising from different conditions.


As well as History proves, Biomechanics has been and it is present in several areas, being Medical (clinical application in pathology), sports and occupational the most relevant ones.

Scientific-Technical Committee

The committee members are:

Daniel Alvite: Clinical Biomechanics and analysis unit manager

Enric Alpuente: CTO and bio engineer

Dr. Javier Sevilla: Medical evaluator

Lourdes Serra Novo: Scientific Director

Something About Me

OSMLABOSMLAB has overcome the existing limitations to incorporate biomechanics technology in clinical settings easily applicable to all musculoskeletal diseases, with an easy interpretation of results and clinical coherence. Our reports are based on highly accurate and reliable acquisition techniques on biomechanical models and processes based on protocols accepted and validated by the scientific community.

Due to the objectivity of the results, the market of Body damage analysis is still growing, being part of its customers: EVI's, ICAM, and Workplace Insurance and mutual.