Biomechanics is a scientific discipline which aims to study the mechanical character structures that exist in living organisms (mainly the human body). This area of knowledge leans in diverse biomedical sciences, using knowledge of mechanics, engineering , anatomy , physiology and other disciplines in order to study the behavior of the human body and solve the problems arising from different conditions.


As well as History proves, Biomechanics has been and it is present in several areas, being Medical (clinical application in pathology), sports and occupational the most relevant ones.


Body Damage assessment is one of the most interesting application areas in Medical Biomechanics. Nowadays, musculoskeletal work/related disorders (MSD) are considered the most common health problems in Europe: 24.7% workers of European Union claim suffer Low Back pain and 22.8% complain suffering muscle disorders (European Agency of safety and Health in work data).

In Spain, 74.2% of workers affirm to suffer some MSD. In our time, however, there are no functional dynamic and objective tests in clinical environment.


In one hand, there are observational functional test or goniometric handled test, with low accuracy and low inter clinical reproducibility. In the other, diagnostic imaging test with high resolution are used, but only can be made in static conditions, so they don’t allow to obtain movement dysfunction data but they provide essential information about internal structures and tissues state.

In this context, OSMLAB Body Damage Assessment Units are presented as easily evaluation tools, with high definition, which allow objective quantification movement data, typical deviation of normative data and their possible causes.

OSMLAB Biomechanics study allows not only to obtain range of motion data, velocity, myoelectric activity or maximal strength, but also the generation of easily recognizable patterns, which can be used for MSD diagnosis, and become essential tools for deficit and simulation, disability degree and personal scheduled treatment.