Internationally the number of people who suffer some disability it’s increasing. Among them, the patients with spinal cord injuries (also known by its acronym SCI) and /or with problems caused by traumatic cerebral vascular injuries (TCVI or strokes) are a group with a high demand of health care resources, that generate the consequential need of assigning important economic items on the health budgets of countries.

This is a group of patients with high degrees of dependency requiring a constant specialized medical attention, in the fields of neurology, orthopedics and rehabilitation, to prevent worsening in their situation and maintain adequate levels of quality of life.

THERABOT proposes the development of a system which overcomes these disadvantages by providing a clear objective quantification of the patient’s progress by using different types of sensors, while facilitating therapy automation, allowing the patient to perform therapy with more intensity and allows the medical professionals several patients at once. It also seeks to develop a project, adaptable to different types of therapy without new developments for each generic robotic platform.

The overall objective of the THERABOT project is to design and develop new technical solutions that enable the automation and quantitative evaluation of the therapy applied to patients with spinal cord injuries and strokes.

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To achieve the objective of the project, it has formed a consortium of three companies with a clear technological vocation, and previous experience in the development of R & D and customized solutions for their customers:

OSMLAB, small technology-based company specializing in the field of clinical biomechanics for the evaluation of body harm, the scientific assessment of musculoskeletal problems and ergonomics, postural assessment and load analysis.


MAGTEL, big company, expert in ICT developments and a growing R & D work in the field of Health and Social Welfare, with projects like HEALTHCARE, ASIST-E and TELEASISTENCI @ TIC +.


INDAGO, small business, dedicated to the field of industrial engineering, specializing in integrated automation of production processes and industrial robotics.

The “Therapy assisted maintenance robot for patients with spinal cord injury and stroke (THERABOT)” project has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the “Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020” and the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), file number file number ITC-20151115.